Anime Squad Simulator Update 2 log and patch notes

Roblox Anime Squad Simulator has been released Update 2 on August 20th the 20th of 2022! With this update you’ll find numerous modifications and bug fixes have been made to improve the game experience. They should help to resolve any issues you might have faced and enable you to discover new things to play with within the game.

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  • The World of 6: Walled City is now available!
  • Bosses are added!
  • Two new bosses have been added to the ranks in Ninja Village and Wall City
  • New gamepasses are now available
  • More affordable Tokens: Allows tokens to be reduced by 40%
  • Tank Battles Codes – August 2022
  • Special Tokens: Provides an opportunity to attract an automatic rainbow or golden participant when using a standard token
  • Ultimate Spawner: Significantly higher chance of the ultimate spawning location you killed a soldier on
  • Corrections to bugs and errors