Has Diablo 4 been canceled on PS4 and Xbox One? Pre-registrations for the Beta are underway

Pre-registration has officially begun for Beta of Diablo 4ev, the highly anticipated episode of the legendary videogame medium.

You can also sign up for future beta testing by going to this address. Log in with your Battle.net account, and then click the Pre-Register button. With some luck, you will be contacted once the Diablo 4 beta tests begin. It is important to note that there is currently no Beta plan. We don’t rule out a press conference lasting a week for the Xbox & Bethesda shows.

The Diablo 4 preregistrations are quickly spreading. As it was in the beginning of this story, only the PlayStation and PC logos are displayed under the pre-registration button. S. Therefore, if the physics of PS4 and Xbox One is lacking, it might indicate the new-gen version of Diablo 4 – which was recently mentioned by Gotham and the Gallows also.

Are you sure that the Xbox One and PS4 versions were cancelled? At the moment, we don’t know anything official. We’re still waiting for a official release from Blizzard.