Here’s how to get Halo Infinite Steam Deck working

It appears that Halo Infinite Steam Deck is now playable with the Proton Experimental branch 7-25. Here’s how it works

It’s amazing, but one of the most frustrating things about Valve Steam Deck console is the fact that many major games, , including the latest Halo game, are not supported. It seems that Halo Infinite Steam Deck is finally playable. Here’s how.

There are more than 4,000 official Verified or playable Steam Deck Games at the moment, but there are still many completely unplayable . While many Xbox games are playable on the console is Halo Infinite not.


A new Proton update, created by the community (as reported by Gaming under Linux) is set to change that. Although the update is still in beta testing, you will need to download an additional application to install it. However, anyone who has the update should be capable of getting Halo Infinite to work on Steam Deck. Gaming on Linux reports that the multiplayer side of the game is up and running, but that they have not yet tested the campaign. However, with any luck, that will be possible.

This is how you do it with Steam Deck.

  • Go to Settings > System Update Channel and choose ‘preview’
  • Start the desktop mode and find ProtonUpQt. After installing it, run the update ‘GE Proton 7-26.
  • Open your Halo Infinite installation folder and delete the ‘videos’ sub-folder
  • Navigate to Halo Infinite from your Steam library. Click the cog-shaped settings buttons, then Compatibility and choose GE-Proton 7-25
  • Run Halo Infinite on Steam Deck!

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