Hideo Kojima Xbox cloud game is Overdose survival horror says source

The actress who was affected by overdoses was in Death Stranding (pic: Kojima Productions).

According to the latest reports Cloud-based Xbox game developed by the designer Metal Gear Metal Gear is a horror game dubbed Overdose.

Of course, if it’s in the last 12 months, nobody would like it to. One of the rare notable exceptions was the web-based venture Hideo Kojima who is the creator of Metal Gear.

Ten years ago, some time back, a leak disclosed that Kojima is currently working on a game based on horror known as Overdose. The source claims to have had footage of Overdose and considering that horror films don’t require heavy technology and large budgets it is thought that it was a different game however, it appears that they’re identical.

According to the original sources the Xbox game is extremely likely to be an Overdose. It’s a simple project originally designed in the context of Google Stadia, but was later reported to be pulled in 2021.

The leaked footage showed a player playing the game. It looks like something similar to an Android phone, however older video taken from the Stadia version dates back to 2022’s close.

The history of the games won’t do much help since the game was never official announced and it’s unclear what it was that it was initially intended to be an episodic game.

The Leaker Tom Henderson wrote for try hard guides, but doesn’t mention whether the game is in the beginning of being episodic or not. however, Xbox and Kojima haven’t taken a decision as of yet.

In the Xbox Show, Kojima described the game as one I’ve always wanted to create and that he’s waited for an extended time to make it happen and that’s what turned out to be the end of the story.

This is particularly true for Kojima who previously stated his desires for to make a horror-themed game. However, after his Silent Hill title was cancelled by Konami but just the P.T. demo was released.

While there is no evidence that the game requires cloud-based servers but the other details work apart from the fact it has been developed and is currently in development. for a while the video has disclosed the reason why they didn’t disclose any details during the event?

Why wouldn’t Kojima use this name, or at least will mean that it was only a couple of years ago, and some of the groundwork seems to have been completed?

There is no solution to these questions. But, if Overdose could be the Xbox game If it is, then Kojima has only two games at present.

Another is believed to be Death Stranding 2, which could be the exclusive PlayStation version, and that he’s likely to enjoy good relationships with Sony.

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Additional: Hideo Kojima calls for an immediate retraction of the horrifying overdose if the evidence proves the true source.

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