How to Add Nightbot on Twitch?

How do I add Nightbot to Twitch Nightbot is easy to set up, turn off, and create custom commands.


How to add Nightbot on Twitch.

These are the steps required to enable or add Nightbot.

  1. Talk to your twitch chat
  2. Log in with twitch by going to
  3. Commands: Click Commands (left menu of Nightbot) to disable any commands you wish to disable. If you wish to modify any command cooldown, click on Options.
  4. Click on Join Channel in Dashboard
  5. To grant nightbot permissions, type “mod nightbot” in your Twitch chat
  6. You have added Nightbot on Twitch

How to add Nightbot to Twitch – Turn on & Off

After activating Nightbot, follow these steps to turn it on and off:

  1. Talk to your twitch chat
  2. Log in with your streamer account to
  3. Click on Join Channel in Dashboard
  4. To Turn On, Type “mod Nightbot” into your Twitch Chat
  5. Turn off: In your chat, type “!nightbot Remove”

Click Part Channel to disable Nightbot in the Dashboard

How do you create custom commands on Nightbot

These are the steps you need to create your own commands.

  1. Log in with your streamer account to
  2. Commands: Click Commands
  3. Click on “Add Command”
    1. Command: The command name
    2. Message: Send your message
    3. User Level: Your choice
    4. Cooldown of your choice
  4. You can edit a command after you have created it by clicking the pencil beside its name. Click on the trash to delete your custom command.

You should consider that there are more than 100 commands. It is possible that the command you wish to create exists already and that you will only need to modify it. If you are unsure how it works, you can visit this article to learn more.