How to Evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors

How to evolve Garlic as a Vampire Survivors – Evolution Steps Tips to assist you, as well as our thoughts on the Garlic and Soul Eater


How to Evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors – Steps

The evolution of Garlic is simple It has four steps:

  1. Unlock Garlic by locating five floor chickens that are light sources
  2. Take the Garlic weapon until Level 8.
  3. Find Pummarola Power-up accessory ( passive item) It requires you to last for 5 minutes in Gennaro
  4. You can collect the rare chest from an enemy that appears when the counter is at 10:00.

Garlic Evolution Recipe > Garlic + Pummerolla = Soul Eater

Strategies for achieving change

  • Garlic is great when used with the Attractorb since enemies that instantly die to the Garlic can drop experience away from the player
  • Together with a weapon that will continuously knock them away like Unholy Vespers, Garlic can let the player sit completely still
  • Keep your gold in reserve until you can purchase Gennaro and then once you’ve got Gennaro for five minutes, you will be able to live with him, you can buy Gennaro.

How do you evolve Garlic into Vampire Survivors – Is it worth it?

Garlic as well as Soul Eater make two of the most effective crowd control tools, able to take on weak adversaries and provide great knockback to stronger foes.

It is a fantastic support tool that is self-sufficient in the initial game. But it is important to use it in conjunction with a great DPS weapon for mid – and late-game. Try whip, king’s bible, or magic wand and if I failed in convincing you, then you’ll notice how much better things get.

How to Evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors – Soul Eater

Soul Eater Soul Eater, like the Garlic creates an encircling circle of protection surrounding the user. If the circle is struck by an enemy, that person is more likely to be knocked back and be more susceptible for the effects of Orologion as well as Clock Lancet. Additionally, Soul Eater can be capable of stealing one level of damage from opponents. Soul Eater cannot increase its level on its on its own, but instead receives all the bonuses to leveling of Garlic


The fact is that the new version disappoints slightly. Of course , the Soul Eater is more powerful than the Garlic however, it could be one of the most unbalanced scale weapons.