How to get All Cats in Neko Atsume?

How to Get All Cats in Neko atsume Guide to getting the x66 cats (x44 Rare + x22 Regular), along with their favourite items and mementos



Here is a list of all cats in Neko Atsume with their favourite treats. These items will increase your chances of them showing up in your yard. Check out the favorite item you would like to have for your cat.



How to Get All Cats in Neko Atsume Regular

It is easier to get regular cats, but there are also x44:

Cat Description Personality Power Lv. Memento Fav Item
Snowball Solid White Mellow 80 Flowered Collar Hammock
Smokey Solid Black Hot and Cold 140 Soft Brush Hammock
Spots Black & White Joker 75 Glow Bracelet Burger Cushion
Shadow Solid Grey Peculiar 50 Cicada Skin Berry Cocoon
Sunny Turkish Calico Mischievous 120 Shiny Acorn Hammock
Fred Orange Tabby Lady-Killer 150 Seashell Earring Aluminium Bowl
Pumpkin Orange & White Tabby Spacey 90 Aluminum Pins Picking Pot
Callie Calico Carefree 50 Damp Matchbox Hot Mat
Tabitha Calico Tabby Leisurely 40 Random Seeds Hammock
Bandit Tortoiseshell Wild at Heart 180 Teaser Toy Tip Luxury Tre Box
Gabriel Tuxedo Diligent 150 Raffle Ticket Aluminium Bowl
Marshmallow Pointed Aloof 170 Flower Bookmark Pickling Pot
Socks Black w/ White Mitts Adventurous 70 Small Mittens Burger Cushion
Lexy Grey & White Expensive Tastes 100 Dirty Toy Animal Head Space
Bolt Brown Tabby Insatiable 140 Fish-stick Board Iron Teapod
Breezy Brown & White Tabby Laid Back 30 Hourglass Hammock
Misty Mackerel Tabby Lazy 160 Used Hand Warmer Aluminium Bowl
Pickles Gray & White Tabby Faint-Hearted 0 Silent Bell Head Space
Pepper Black w/ Odd Eyes Shy 165 Toy Mirror Head Space
Patches Orange Patches Jealous 80 Colored Candles Burger Cushion
Gozer Tortoiseshell Tabby Sore Loser 155 Scuffed Dime Iron Teapod
Cocoa Brown Tuxedo Indecisive 45 Six-sided Die Aluminium Bowl
Princess Striped Torbie Ditzy 125 Bird Feather Honey Pot
Ginger Red w/ White Mitts Bashful 60 Clean Handkerchief Pancake Cushion
Peaches Tan & Orange Capricious 45 Bendy Straw Hammock
Spud Red Tortoiseshell Cautious 80 Eyeglass Lens Head Space
Mack White Mackerel Determined 130 Child’s Wristband Ball of Yarn
Speckles Black Patches Lonely 40 Damaged Spoon Goldfish Bowl
Willie Black Tabby Crafty 75 Worn Postcard Heating Stove
Rascal Grey Tuxedo Selfish 140 Warped Container Lucky Cushion
Dottie White Calico Friendly 195 Bottle Cap Hammock
Spooky Grey Tortoiseshell Reserved 35 Gift-wrap Ribbon Tiramisu Cube
Apricot Tan & Orange Tabby Slacker 10 Tiny Toothbrush Pancake Cushion
Ganache Chocolate Pragmatic 90 Puzzle Piece Aluminium Bowl
Pasty Pastel Calico Innocent 45 Wilted Plant Bulb Bamboo Rocket
Chip Cap & Saddle Young Master 60 Ribbon Hair Band Aluminium Bowl
Macchiato Seal Lynx Sourpuss 115 Leather Choker Hammock
Melange Blue Lynx Calm 15 Cotton Scarf Aluminium Bowl
Chocola Chocolate Point Forgetful 155 Stiff Paint Pickling Pot
Willow Grey Patches Guileless 80 Forgotten Key Head Space
Sooty Black Spots Whimsical 65 Game Pieces Hot Mat
Quicksilver Silverpoint Mooch 105 Handmade Otedama Hot Mat
Maple Orange & White Bullseye Moody 99 Old Roll Film Bamboo Rocket
Caramel Spotted Tomboy 205 Sea Glass Ball of Yarn

How to get All Cats in Neko Atsume – Rare

Rare cats are harder to get, and there are x22:

Cat Description Personality Power Lv. Memento Fav Item
Joe DiMeowgio Baseball Jersey Team Player 28 Signed Baseball Sidned Baseball
Senor Don Gato Mustachioed Scheming 30 Feathered Hat Mister Mouse
Xerxes IX Persian Regal 70 Pretty Stones Royal Bed
Chairman Meow Camouflage Boorish 111 Dog Tag Earthenware Pot
Saint Purrtrick Ethereal Awe-Inspiring 222 Mysterious Stone Silk Crepe Pillow
Ms. Fortune Gold Charismatic 20 Oval Coin Cardboard house
Bob the Cat Adventurer Outdoorsy 40 Antique Compass Any Food
Conductor Whiskers Railway Uniform Vigilant 50 Hand-drawn Ticket Cardboard choo choo
Tubbs Fluffy Finicky Feaster 130  Fish Jerky All food except Thrifty Bitz
Mr. Meowgi Ronin Mentoring 250  Odd Wooden Charm Scratching log
Lady Meow-Meow American Shorthair Diva 100  Novelty Sunglasses Luxurious Hammock
Guy Furry Apron Artisan 30  Custom Rolling Pin Heating Stove
Kathmandu Hunting Coat Refined 150  Elegant Paintbrush Temari Ball
Ramses the Great Sphinx Riddler 230  Elegant Staff Pyramid Tent
Sassy Fran Waitress Enthusiastic 180  Coffee Cup Cardboard Cafe
Billy the Kitten Western Wear Nihilistic 250  Lucky Coin Cowboy Hat
Frosty Straw Coat Sensitive 5  Thaw-proof Snowman Bureau with Pot
Sapphire Classic Siamese Naive 20  Poetry Book Fairy Tale parasol
Jeeves Neatly Parted Nimble 210  Silver Pocket Watch Fairy Tale parasol
Bengal Jack Pirate Reckless 66  Old Map Luxury Tre Box
Whiteshadow Ninja Costume Elusive 195  Paper Shuriken Sashimi
Hermeowne Pointed Hat Gentle 200 Small Glass Bottle Nightview egg bed