How to get Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark

How do I get Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark The guide includes locations and suggestions for obtaining one of the supplies needed to improve the ship you are on.

Bilbrin Timber also known as Bilbrin Wood is among The most important resources available in the game when you are looking to improve your ship. However, it’s also among the most difficult resources to acquire and is probably the least documented on the internet, therefore we’ve prepared this guide for you.

How do I get Bilbrin timber in Lost Ark – Best method

The most reliable method for finding bilbrin timber is through the merchant’s vessel next to Rohendel the vessel that is connected to Lake Shiverwave, Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel. Just go to the Exchange tab and you can buy Bilbrin Timber or Wood for 25 Sceptrum’s Coins. It is the Plumpcrab fishing vessel is a different Rohendel trader that offers Bilbrin Timber.

The Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel and the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel are likely to be seen randomly at in the lake Shiverwave dock in Rohendel So for both ships to be found, all you need to do is go to the docks each 15 minutes or so until either vessel appears.

Both ships can spawn at any port, however only those that spawn at Lake Shiverwave port in Rohendel sell Bilbrin Timber in exchange for Sceptrum’s Coins

It is also possible to acquire Bilbrin wood through Trade Merchants in your Stronghold. However, if you’re above 460 and have completed a New Voyage quest (Requirements to unlock Rohendel) Then, acquiring Bilbrin Wood through Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel or Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel will be the best and most reliable method.

How to get Sceptrum’s Coins?

You’ll require Sceptrum’s Coins to purchase Bilbrin Timber or Bilbrin Wood. This is the currency used by pirates and is very easy to obtain, you simply need to complete quests or actions within Rohendel Island. islands that is Rohendel. This means, if you intend to cultivate Bilbrin Timber you’ll be able to know the entire island of Rohendel Island