How to get Sheets in Project Zomboid?

Sheets from Project Zomboid – Best Locations for Uses, Crafting, and ways to use them as curtains for windows.

How to get Sheets in Project Zomboid – Uses

When you first looked at the sheets, you might have believed that they were just a small thing. However, they are far from the reality, as they serve two important purposes:

  • Hide behind sheets If you attach sheets to an opening, they’ll serve as curtains (you can close and open them) and stop zombies out from seeing what’s going on inside.
  • Recover with sheets With sheets, you can create tear-resistant sheets, using which you can shape and repair cuts

As you observe, you’re fascinated by sheets, and many of them, so we’re going look into ways to obtain sheets.

How to get Sheets in Project Zomboid – Locations

They can be found everywhere, they’re a essential item, and nearly all containers have sheets. However, there are some better places that offer sheets:

  • Bedroom Wardrobes
  • Bathroom Wardroves

If you’ve successfully entered an apartment and are looking to cover yourself and heal there, you stand a great chance of getting the sheets you require within. Perhaps what happens to you , is you’re not sure what to do with the sheets, but don’t worry because we’ll help you understand.

How do you make use of the sheets as if they were curtains that were hanging on the windows?

It’s a breeze, but make sure you close it after turning it on, as by default all “curtains” are open:

Right-click the window Select Add Sheet Left-click onto the page to switch (Open or close)


How to get Sheets in Project Zomboid – Crafting

Sheets are substance or component that you need to locate, and you can’t create it. However, if you’re trying to get better health it is not necessary to have more than x1 Sheets to create x1 Ripped Sheet. With Ripped Sheets they can create several other items:

  • Sterilized Rag: Ripped Sheet + Disinfectant, Bourbon, Cooking Pot or Saucepan
  • Splint: Ripped Sheet + Plank, Tree Branch or Sturdy Stick
  • Stone Knife: Ripped Sheet + Tree Branch + Chipped Stone
  • Molotov Cocktail A Ripped Sheet and the Gas or Bourbon can, plus empty bottle
  • Stone Axe: Ripped Sheet + Tree Branch + Chipped Stone
  • Stone Hammer: Ripped Sheet + Tree Branch + Stone
  • Log Wall: x54 Ripped sheet + x4 Log and Hammer, Stone Hammer or Ball Peen Hammer
  • Campfire Materials: Ripped Sheet + x2 Log or x3 Plank