How to get the Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley

How do I get the Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley – And complete the Wizard’s Prismatic Jelly Quest and gain Monster Musk? Monster Musk boost.

This Prismatic Jelly Quest is to be one of the most difficult in Stardew Valley. It is necessary to find Rainbow Jelly, however, prior to that, you will need to find the Prismatic Slime. It’s not simple however don’t fret because we’ve prepared this guide.

How to get the Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley – Steps

Here are the steps you need to follow to receive your Prismatic Slime:

  1. Purchase your Prismatic Jelly special order from Wizard to allow slimes to be created. (*)
  2. Go to Floor 5 in the mines.
  3. Take a break and return when you spot a slime that is prismatic
  4. It is a fact that prismatic slims will release prismatic jelly

(*) The rate of spawning is 1.2 percent, meaning you could need 70 or 80 attempts unless you’re very lucky and can get it in your first attempt.


Prismatic Jelly Quest

After you’ve received the Prismatic Slime, you will receive Prismatic Jelly to hand it over to Wizard and you’ll be able to complete his quest and get five thousand dollars GP as well as Monster Musk as a reward

In case you weren’t aware The Monster Musk doubles the spawn rate of enemies, which means it’s an extremely useful reward when you have to hunt down monsters

How to get the Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley – Video Guide

If you have any questions or aren’t certain about the location, we suggest that you look over this video tutorial which is just 2 minutes long from Mr. Juicebags In it, you’ll see the process of farming Prismatic Slimes isn’t as hard as it appears It just requires a bit of patience

We hope this article will be helpful to you You have gotten the Prismatic Slime. Now, you can give it to the Prismatic Jelly for the Wizard to finish his quest. Have you ever tried Monster Musk? cool huh!

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