Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Computer Controls: Controller & Mouse Mouse

The game, which we understand to be referring to by Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is quite mobile, and is playable on PC but it’s not the best way you must play it. It is currently currently in beta. Many people don’t understand how to use the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds PC controls. While you’re there be sure to review the instructions for the iNo Kuni Cross Worlds PC.

It is also possible to ask if Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds comes with a controller you can play with. You’ll have your keys in good order when this guide is dedicated for the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds PC Controls. We will explain how each key functions. Please take the time to read the book.


PC controls Ni No Kuni.

You can also switch your keys to the F1 keys you have available and every button on your keyboard will be altered. The program will show you which keys must be used to turn them on. Learn more about The Ni No Kuni Cross-Worlds Reroll as well as The Ni No Kuni Studio Ghibli guide.

We designed a table using every key that we used during the game. The keys played like the keys that were on it. Check out this PC control table below. Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds.

Keyboards – Keyboards. Actions Space Jump Shift Dodge 1 cctr et 1 octr. Affiliates skills ESC Quit Game Enter You can begin an online game chat. F D S W The S H Keys to Movement E Z is reading. The Skills Keys will be attacking Skills list of the class will be displayed on the menu. M Map C Stops autoRun’s quest navigation. X Mount Z for the camera to switch and the view to change. F To open street stall, open street stall stand. G Guild L Shows all quests. P Please display the profile you have created and your social media features. O Game settings I Inventory


If you are playing NI No Kuni on your Android or iOS devices, you need to be aware of how the controls on the PC work on mobile.

It’s the simple act of touching your touchscreen screen that lets you enter the keys. You can now click the button to the touch screen.


Another crucial question on gamers’ heads is whether no Kuni Cross Worlds supports controllers. We have also addressed your issue here. Learn about the Auto-disable mode within Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds.


As of Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is only designed for PCs or mobile phones and isn’t compatible with Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox It doesn’t have the use of controls.

Controller Ni No Kuni.

The team of gamers could offer assistance to your controller using your computer as you are able to attach your console to your laptop to play on.


It’s impossible to accomplish using a mouse while playing. In the game, the only Ni No Kuni Cross World PCs can be controlled and players will need to control everything with the keyboard too.

Its PC control guide will be useful to all fans and players of the Ni-Ni Kuni Cross Worlds. By reading this guide, you will be able to understand everything you can about PCs.