New York’s esports agency has launched offering graphic design video editing and social media management

London’s new media solutions agency, esports-focused, is now on the air.

Krzys Ducky, who ran Pendragon Esports division 3, before he vanished last month, founded the Moonstruck Media Group.

They will provide graphic design, video editing and social media services.

Ducky will be focusing on video marketing and graphic design. He will also join a team that includes other experts.

Gaurav Ryfu Rachen, Silas Kxi_Kat Lyndon and Silas Kxi_Kat Lyndon are the Moonstrucks’ creators. The latter also sources photos. Sami Smig Ali is the animator and video editor for the company. All of these employees were former Pendragon managers.

Adam Merk Ramsay has had experience with soft drinks (created by Hotdrop top Nathan Edmonds), and Lost Souls Esports.

We’re Moonstruck Media GroupA newly formed Media Solutions Agency based in London.For all your Esports creative needs feel free to call at [email protected].

Moonstruck Media Group (@MoonstruckGroup) June 2, 2022

Moonstruck founder Ducky said to the Esports News UK, Moonstruck Media Group was a small media company that was established in London. There are currently three artists, one social media manager and two editors, as well as one animator. Many of our staff have multiple roles. Our animator is a montage editor.

Moonstruck Media was founded in May 2022. We had just decided that we would get started. This was due to the fact, that we chose to use the month to discuss our business plan for UK Esports.

We aim to offer cheaper solutions to UK-based companies and enable them to manage their social media on one unit. They can also create graphics and edit content.

We want to make it easy for those who are new to the market to get started in the industry, without them having to worry about the fees and difficult days that esports can bring.

We aim to provide affordable solutions to UK-based organisations and allow them to manage their social media, create graphics, and edit their content all with one device.

Krzys Ducky Goodchild, Moonstruck Media Group, Moonstruck Media Group.

Moonstruck claims it offers the following services

  • Graphics, graphics and merch.
  • Video animations, funny moments, puppets etc.
  • Management of social media.
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • SEO writing
  • Content Management
  • Broadcast management

Pricing is determined by the project. The company will quote each client individually.

Moonstruck is the latest of several esports-related UK agencies that have been launched over the last three years. Leapfox and XU Esports are other agencies.