How to Prepare Bounties for the Witch Queen in Destiny 2

How to prepare gifts to The Witch Princess on Destiny 2: Small guide to learn how to do the task within Destiny 2 with some steps and guidelines on the Game


How to Prepare Bounties for the Witch Queen in Destiny 2 – Bounty Stacking

You have to take on a number of bounties but you can’t turn them inbecause you have to accumulate these. Multiple bounties obtained from different NPC’s can give you an massive amount of experience which is then utilized to improve the artifacts that are seasonal (when expansion release, experienced players typically take advantage of it). This is why we’re revealing how to achieve an excellent level before the start of the season. it’s a brand new expansion for Destiny 2 instead a begining of the season, you are able to accomplish it. Therefore, gather all your bounties to swap them into the most Experience to get your expansion underway in the best way.

How to Prepare Bounties for the Witch Queen in Destiny 2 – Stack Bounties

It’s very easy to stake bounties you just have to play. Is that the worst aspect? Of course we all love playing and be the best in the game you must play. This is why the art of stacking bounties is one that we all excel at. In games, we are able to finish a lot of weekly bounties and also build up every day bounties. Each player can have an amount of 64 bounties at any moment. There’s a space is filled with many bounties So why should you wait? Weekly bounties occupy more space than those that are daily. Make use of daily bounties to fill the remainder of the space.

In the following list, you will be able to browse through a list of suggested NPC’s (will offer you a wealth of rewards) It may be the best choice you have ever had the pleasure of seeing!

Weekly bonuses from the NPC’s are quite large, they will grant you the chance to earn 12k experiences.

  • Variks Three different bounties each week (location Europa)
  • Shaw Han two different weekly bounty (location Cosmodrome)
  • Eris Morn three different weekly bounty opportunities (location Moon)
  • Lectern of Magic: 2 different weekly bounty options (location Moon)
  • Saint-14 nine different weekly bounty opportunities (location Tower)
  • Hawthorne8 diverse weekly bounties (location Tower)
  • Lord Saladin seven different weekly bounty (location of the tower during Iron Banner)


This is a brief video that shows how easy it is (thanks to youtube’s Sweatcicle)

If you’re looking to watch a large video for an extremely prepared, watch this video in case you aren’t sure (thanks to youtube Sweatcicle)