How to reach Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring in Mohgwyn

Do you want to know how to reach Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring, but don’t think so?

Elden Ring offers many places to explore, including underground Catacombs and Windswept Hilltop Castles. You can see Mohgwyn Palace in many of these places.

Players must obtain a special item to help them reach Mohgwyn Palace, in the Country of the Elden Ring.

If you have not yet reached this level, you’re already right here.

Today, we will show you how to get to the Mohgwyn Palace within the Elden Ring.

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The Mohgwyn palace is secret but the path to it can be found almost immediately after you start the game. After leaving the tutoring area you will see a mysterious NPC who guides players in the direction of Grace, and the way to Stormveil castle.

The First Step of Grace was where the White-Faced Varre stopped fighting the Black Faced to find the Divines. This will reveal the identity of a vanished vanished individual after Godrick the Grafted was killed and the Two Fingers at Roundtable Hold were visited.

Hell leaves a brief message instructing you to meet him at the Rose Church.


The lakefront and Liurnia have swamps, while the rose chapel appears to be a ruined church. The church’s courtyard has valuable and gruesome items.

Varre offers Varre the Festering Bloody Finger which can be used to invade other players’ worlds. In an arcade, killing them will reward Runes.

This must be used at minimum three times before you can move on to the next White-Faced Varres phase.

After you have beaten up several players, return to White-Faced Varre. Hell offers you the opportunity to become a Knight in the service of the Lord of Blood to the Luminary Mohg.

Varre asks you to perform a new task. This is done by soaking the cloth in blood by a Fingermaiden.


An inscription is found in the North-Ost Liurnia church of prohibition. It can be found near one of the lakes. These are the tools that you need to soak the cloth in order to fulfill White-Face Varres request. This is the second option. It’s only available for travel within the Rose Church region.

You can also visit the four first Belfries to the west of Liurnia, the Lakes, and activate the portal for the second Belfry. This will allow the player to return to the antiquated chapel that you found at the beginning of the game.

After taking revenge on the Grafted Scion you can return to the Chapel, where you first carried the game, and take the corpse of the Maiden with you.

You can take the towel off by extending your stay and go to Varre. This will allow Varre to be raised and you’ll receive the pureblood knights Medal from the Mohgwyn Palace.

This brings us to the end our guide for Mohgwyn palace within the Elden Ring.