How to Reset or Change Race Project Slayers

Resetting or changing your Race Project Slayers: A small guide about how to reset/change your race in Project Slayers.


How to Reset and Change Race Project Slayers

If you’re new to a game, it’s best to learn as much as you can about the game. This article will give you a guideline to help you understand how to play Project Slayers.

  • Human Progression > You should do level 12
  • Demon Progression > To talk to Muzan, you must reach Level 15

Project Slayers is the best way to restore the race (it’s currently the only option within the game).

  • Get it in the store menu by ordering Ore or Robux

You can pay with Robux. Although we don’t want to do so, it helps Robux and allows us to continue to develop and update the game.

  • You will need 150 Robux

Use Ore to Pay; This is the cheapest option. All we have to do is just play.

  • Open level 1 chests defeating bosses

It is very simple and straightforward, as you can see. If you are having trouble, Youtuber Sqrush will show you how to do it.

How to Reset and Change Race Project Slayers – About

Project Slayer was created by ouw0pp with his dev team.

This game is inspired by the demon slayer series of KoyoharuGotouge. The game is not canon and features its own characters. If there is no material, some of the characters will not be demon slayer-based.

Source: Trello

How to Reset and Change Race Project Slayers Mobile

Nothing is better for a mobile player than being able to see the screen and press each button you wish to perform. We leave you with this Conceptual video.]