Hrot Cheats & Console Commands

Hrot Cheats and Console Commands – God mode, weapons keys, vehicles, unlockables Max stats health armor ammo, max stamina, health, Max stats, Max stamina, Max damage, etc…


Hrot Cheats and Console Commands – How To Open the Console

As in many other games, “” is the key to left of “1”. It could be another key depending upon your language settings. However, it is always the key that’s to the left.


However, you cannot enable the console until you have completed a level. So load any level before you start playing.

Hrot Cheats & Commands – Full Liste

These are all cheat codes, console commands and cheat codes. Enjoy them!

  • God Mode: gott – Enables God Mode
  • All weapons and full amo: Zizka You’ll get all weapons with full ammo.
  • Motorcycle: pionyr This cheat will allow you to buy a motorcycle.
  • The 3 Keys: Klice You’ll get all 3 keys.
  • Second Pistol pistolnik You will receive the 2nd pistol but not the achievement
  • Max Health & Armor – This will replenish and max your armor and health
  • Minimap unlock: Kouba You will be able to unlock the minimap. To use it however, press M

Achievements and Cheats

You won’t be punished, all achievements can be unlocked by cheats