Huge Cat in Pet Simulator X

Huge Cat on Pet Simulator X – The best pet in the game – How and where to get Cat Plushies, Codes or Boost, how to get the rainbow Huge Cat


Huge Cat in Pet Simulator X – How to Get?

The Huge Cat can be obtained only by redeeming the code on The Cat Plushie’s tag, which is available at the Big Games Official Shop website.


Many people search the internet for the code, but it is not available online. You can get the code by buying the Cat Plushie at the Big Games store. It is possible that some YouTubers may share it. However, the code is rare because it only comes in a small number of 5,000 units. Secondly, even if they shared it, it would only be one-use code so it is unlikely it will get. The best way to get the Huge Cat is to watch for the Cat Plushie going on sale again and then buy one.

There are no units currently available. However, they will make them available for sale once they are available.

Huge Cat in Pet SimulatorX – Sale

These are the dates Cat Plushies were available, as well as the available units and their sale prices.

  • September 5, 2021 (11am CT): 5,000 Stocked at $49.95 USD
  • September 22nd 2021 (11:45 CST) 51 Stocked, $49.95 USD
  • October 10, 2021 (11pm CST) 1,500 Stocked; $69.95 USD

Huge Cat in Pet Simulator X – Boost

Because of these two enchantments, it’s no surprise that Huge Cats are the most desired pet in the game.


  • Best Friend (Unique: Your best friend will always be your strongest pet
  • Strength V: Pet does +100% more damage.

It means that The Huge Cat will take twice the damage to your pet than your best pet. This is why it is the most valuable pet in the game.

This is where you will see the top pets in the game. Multiply their damage by 2 and that’s the damage your Huge Cat could sustain > Pet Simulator Value List. Also, check out the Script Pastebin Hacks, Codes, and the Rank Rewards.

Rainbow Huge Cat

Redeeming for the Huge Cat will give you a chance of obtaining a rainbow version.