Inscryption All Secrets – Act1, Act 2 & Act 3

The Inscryption of All Secrets – Act1 and Act 2 and Act 3 – A guide that reveals all the secrets, some of which are easter eggs, within each stage of the Inscryption

Inscryption All Secrets Act1

  1. Campfire Killer If you decide to make use of your campfire for more than one time,, feed those around you the worm, or any other poisonous creature
  2. “Clear the Painting” The painting should be opened 3 times over a variety of runs to earn perpetual bonuses
  3. Cuckoo’s ring Notice in the top of the table, there’s the carving of 11 o’clock, which is the time to take the ring out of the cuckoo clock.
  4. Glitched Card The glitched card, which will change into a random one when you draw this card from the deck at the time of the fight binary = Deep Under
  5. FREE Bone Boom: Click the skull of the goat on the wall twice to activate the boost
  6. Greater Smoke Card Place the candle in the cabinet three instances (1 each time) to get the Greater Smoke card
  7. free amalgam Visit the Wood Carver x8 times for an amalgam
  8. free teeth The skull can be scavenged to get teeth
  9. Goat Crush: instead of getting the normal eye replacement. Go for the double iris or goat eye and the black Goat cards to crush or lustrous blush using the heart sigil foreheads and nightwear

Inscryption All Secrets Act2

  1. Secret Image 1. The place you baited the shark, locate the location and then go up to reveal the secret image
  2. The Wood Carver: Where you put the rabbit in your cage, find the location and climb to open the wood carver
  3. Secret Image 2. On the first floor in the Magicks tower, find the spot and climb it to unlock the secret image
  4. Drowned Soul card You can Engage with your well during the second time.
  5. Great Kraken: 3rd floor of the Magicks tower. Click on the tentacle in the tub (look at the mirror) Click on docks, then click on the tentacle that is opposite.
  6. Clover Clover on the docks (It allows you to shuffle your hands once at the start of the game)
  7. The cat eventually passes away and it’s funny. You have to kill it nine times

Inscryption All Secrets Act3

  1. A Locked Crypt The crypt can be opened using an Act 2 key (from offering the Obol) to play a humorous interaction
  2. Ourobot The trick is to go to The Temple of Magicks (where the trader was) and purchase the clue to find out how to return your Ourobot
  3. Face of the active participant Choose an image file in stage 1 or at the start in stage 2 during the boss battle.
  4. Secret Passages This image is worth a look Map:
  5. Goo Pillar – Complete the puzzle Clock = 1’clock. Then turn the camera drone on, flash it while it’s on the opposite direction, and take a look at the thombstone and make the exact same card, as shown on the left side of P03
  6. The Woodcarver’s face floating in shadowy corners in the building that is movable

Secrets in the video

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