It looks like Gotham Knights will feature four player co-op

Gotham Knights could be expanding their co-op plans and allowing for four players co-op, instead of two.

This is according to Reddit user PCGN who noticed that the PSN Store has updated its listing to say it supports “four network users”.

Being acutely aware of the fact that anyone can make a fake screenshot, i took the liberty to check the PSN Store listing. It’s in black and white. The description however still states you can play in solo-play or with one hero, and can also drop in on criminal activities wherever you find them.

This change is logical as you can now play as four characters (Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood, respectively). However, it was promoted as having two-player coop. Some speculate that the four-player mode might be different or additional to the main campaign. We’ll hopefully learn more at Summer Game Fest next month.

Gotham Knights, the next Batman: Arkham Origins game by Warner Bros. Montreal is the first full release of the team in over eight years. It will be released on 25 October 2022. A playtest was added to Steam last month, but it was quickly removed or kept from the public’s view anyway.

Although there is no evidence of the app on Steam – and a Reddit thread about the beta was pulled from Reddit by the “automated Bots thinking it might be spam”) – details about the app are still available on Steam DB. This website, which is not affiliated with Steam, monitors and shares information about its backend.