Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods (2022)

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods Unlimited Saving Bow Dot Cheat Mod Unlimited Weight Stay Clean The Instant Herb and much more


Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Unlimited Saving Mod

This mod lets you to save whenever the game normally allows you to save without taking up any Saviour Schnapps effectively giving the player unlimited saves.


Download the Unlimited Saving Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Bow Dot Reticle Mod

A very simple command on the console inside the .cfg file, which gives you an arrow dot to aim with instead of dissolving after you pull your bow.

If you have a user.cfg already (for stopping vsync or something similar, for example) add the following note to it:

Download the Bow Dot Reticle Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Cheat Mod

Console commands are added to spawn/teleport/kill NPCs and unlimited F5 quicksave auto-run console commands upon game start, and manipulate items, money, buffs bonuses, statistics, skills as well as stolen items, weather, time and wanted level, recipes, merchants Access your stash from any location.


Download the Cheat Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Unlimited Weight Mod

This mod extends the character’s maximum carrying weight to 99999999. It is compatible only with the version 1.9.1 (I tried the mod with only the latest version). It is possible to edit the parameters yourself by changing the name of your .pak document to .zip then open it (with some sort of 7-Zip or WinRAR and any program that reads an archive) and then edit your rpg_param.xml files (with something similar to Notepad, WordPad, Notepador something like that) Find this line:

Download the Unlimited Weight Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Stay Clean Longer Mod

This is a straightforward way to ensure your clothes are fresh for a longer period of time. They’ll become dirty over time and you will need to clean them, however, not as frequently as you do in the original game.

Download the Stay Clean Longer Mod > Here


Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Instant Herb Picking Mod

This mod makes picking up herbs easy. It’ll take just a few seconds to find new plants. It is compatible with every mod that don’t alter dialog cameras or animations. You don’t need my alternative modification “First-person Herb Picking” for this to function.

Download the Instant Herb Picking Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Sectorial Lockpicking Mod

The lockpicking mechanism in KKD is among things that you won’t enjoy initially. The game utilizes a lockpicking mechanism that is similar to Bethesda’s LP (since Fallout 3) but make it much harder due to the empty LP-wheel.
I’ve thought of making it a little simpler – so let’s meet my very first KKD modification that I’ve created a Sectorial Lockpicking (next SLP)

Download the Sectorial Lockpicking Mod > Here


Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Henry’s Face Customization Mod

There are a few alternatives to Henry’s facial features (face hair, eyes and face)

  • 3 head replacements (Hans, Charlatan and Stranger);
  • Twelve face texture (for every head);
  • 5 hairstyle substituters (for all hair types);
  • 9 Eyes patterns (for Henry only);
  • “No beard” optional mod for Henry (removes the 3D model of beard on Henry’s facial);
  • “Hans to Stranger” optional mod for players who wish to play Hans but don’t desire Hans to be the “real” Hans to be your twin

Download the Henry’s Face Customization Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – No Helmet Vision Mod

Removes helmet vision.

Download the No Helmet Vision Mod > Here


Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – More Responsive Targeting Mod

This is a basic configuration file that adjusts some of the game’s settings to give you more control over who you’re aiming at and the way you’d like to move during an encounter. This is currently being testable for Keyboard & Mouse controls, however I’m going investigate testing it with my Gamepad in the near future.

Download the More Responsive Targeting Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Richer Merchants Mod

The total wealth of all merchants according to your preferences. In-game , all merchants will be able to enjoy the money you choose to have at the end of your next cycle of reset. I’m not sure of the exact timing for this cycle is. I waited for a day before I noticed the changes taking effects.

Download the Richer Merchants Mod > Here


Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Optimized Graphic Presets Mod

Better contrast, shadows grass, antialiasing …

Download the Optimized Graphic Presets Mod > Here

Roads are Dangerous Mod

This makes fast travel more dangerous by increasing the amount of ambushes and creating new kinds of enemies. This mod will add more enemies in each encounter, in addition to adding new enemies in the game. This version includes three new encounters

  • Guard deserters Following the Skalitz attack, many guards were worried that similar things could occur in their cities, and they decided to abandon their posts and formed bandits.
  • Berserkers Big, powerful men who are accompanied by their gangs. They’re tough and large Some people believe they carry huge blood through their veins.
  • Merry Lads – Outlaws who dress as nobles, who prey upon those who are wealthy and traveling the roads of Bohemia. They’re not very brave when it comes to large dangers and prefer fighting from a distance with bows (some aren’t even aware of how to fight using swords).

Download the Roads are Dangerous Mod > Here


Perkaholic Mod

The addition of additional benefits to the existing list of perk options and also adds perks on those with Bow, Polearm and Unarmed abilities. See Perk Overview article for more details.

Download the Perkaholic Mod > Here

A Sorted Inventory Mod

This mod modifies the names of the items found in game files (both utilized and not used) with a basic categorizing system. This is accomplished by adding tags at the beginning of the name of every item to group them in the event that inventory items are organized alphabetically

Download the A Sorted Inventory Mod > Here


Texture Streaming Improvements Mod

Console Commands as well as Variables configuration which aims to enhance the quality of streaming textures and reduce pop-ups for texture. The modifications below attempt to make the game keep the textures longer, rather than throwing them away quickly. They also boost the LOD levels to ensure that your computer has the time needed to download the latest textures prior to reaching them.