The Umbrella Academy: Netflix releases first trailer for season 3

Netflix recently agreed to several times the launch of The Umbrella Academy’s third season with posters and photos, but a trailer was still far away. The streaming service finally released a preview of the new episodes with moving images. It will take nearly a month before the actual start. Season 3 will premiere on Netflix June 22nd.

Netflix releases first trailer for season 3

The Umbrella Academy members were brought back into the present at the end of Season 2. They found that some things had changed during their trip down memory lane. After Reginald Hargreeves’ initial selections were not what he wanted, the team was brought back to the present by Sparrow Academy.

Netflix has already revealed the members of Sparrow Academy. Justin H. Min plays the role of Ben. The new Ben, codenamed Sparrow 2, is a completely different character from the one we are familiar with. Ben is described by his tactical genius as he aspires to be the Sparrows’ No. No matter the cost, they will be the number one team. The cast includes Justin Cornwell (The InBetween ), Britne Oldford( The Flash ), as Marcus, Jayme Jayme (Cazzie David) and Genesis Rodriguez (The Fugitive, Time After Time ).

Sparrow Academy has Sparrow #7, in addition to six human members. This cube is made of a metallic metal and has telekinetic abilities. Christopher says that the cube functions as an oracle and mediator within the family.