Kosmonavtes Academy Escape Walkthrough & Guide

Kosmonavtes Academy Escape Walkthrough & Guide – All chapters – Help Vala graduate Space Academy, while her classmates play pranks.


Escape Walkthrough at Kosmonavtes Academy – Chapter 1

  • Use the astronaut pin to plant the carpet and the tape to lift it up.
  • The tape will help you fix the lamp’s electric cord. After that, take the lightbulb.
  • Place the sandpaper behind the painting on the other side of your room, then place the lightbulb inside the lamp.
  • Notice the shapes of the ceiling when you turn off the light.
  • Take a look at the trash can. There are four numbered clues. Use the red lines for order. You will find the number 6294.
  • Locked drawer: Tap on the drawer, place the astronaut pin in the slot, and then unlock it using the code 6294. Next, take the flue and the book, as well as the page. Use the sandpaper to remove the faint symbols.
  • Take the book page and put it in a trash can.
  • Bookshelves: Add the book to the shelves and then take the page (top shelf).
  • Ceiling: Count the symbols (moon, star, moon, 3 saturn, and also 1 rocket).
  • The safe is located on the other side of the room. Enter the code 5831 and then grab the uv lamp, the book, and the acid.
  • Place the UV light bulb in the lamp, close the shades and tap the lamp frequently.
  • Rusty desk (opposite side of the room: acid on the leg
  • Bookshelf: Place the book on the top of the desk leg
  • The book page should be placed under the furniture.
  • You will now need to glue the 4 pages to the book.
  • Bookshelves: Use the window shade clue to place all books in this way (using pink lines).

Escape Walkthrough at osmonavtes Academy – Chapter 2

Continue Chapter 2 by following our Walkthrough as well as the guide. Kosmonavtes Academy Escape, the sequel to LKMAD’s adventure game Kosmonavtes: Escape Reality is now available.

  • Take the 3 boxes, and then go through the door. Next, take the 2 boxes. Then, go back to the shelf and place the 5 boxes there.
  • You will notice all the horizontal lines in the rooms: word LEVEL (3). 1st door (2). 2nd door ((4). 3rd door ((6)).
  • Safe on the shelf: Open it with the code 3246, and also take the multitool
  • Take the box and open the second floor (the room with the multitool).
  • Use the multitool to open the panel (right door), and then remove the burned fuse.
  • The last box should be placed on the shelf. However, we must order them. (The clue is in the paint in the 2nd bedroom)
  • Take the printout (2blue marks) and then open the box where the 2 blue marks meet.
  • You can use the tablet to print the next printout. If the light is on at the left of the door, you can press the same spots on your tablet to get another printout.
  • Printout (2 green markers) > Open the box where the 2 green marks meet to obtain the 3d printer.
  • Broken fuse? Place it in the printer to obtain a working fuse
  • Place the fuse at the door. Puzzle clue: Find the numbers. There are three numbers for each color and each one adds 15. Start at 12:00 o’clock: 8 red. 5 green. 6 green. 2 blue. 9 blue. 1 red. 7 green. 4 blue. 3 green.
  • Take the spacesuit and scan the airlock using the tablet.
  • The spacesuit can be opened in the airlock. You can then patch the suit using the 3 printed outs and the multitool.
  • Grab all insulation and glass pieces
  • Break the metal grate (multitool).
  • Broken window: Zoom in > Place the metal grate on the ground > Place the glass pieces > Seal it with the multitool.