Lost Ark Server Population List & Reset Times – NA, EU, SA

Lost Ark Server Population List and Reset Times NA, EU, SA All servers located in Europe, USA & South America including schedules, languages and more


Lost Ark Server Population List & Reset Times – Servers

Its game Lost Ark, will be available to all regions at the time of launch on Friday, February 11 2022 at 17:00 UTC. It will also be available on Tuesday, February 8 2022 at 17:00 UTC.


EU Central Server Population List – Europe

  • Antares – Good
  • Asta – Busy
  • Beatrice – Good
  • Brelshaza – Good
  • Calvasus – Good
  • Inanna – Good
  • Kadan – Busy
  • Mokoko – Good
  • Neria – Good
  • Nineveh – Good
  • Procyon – Good
  • Sceptrum – Good
  • Sirius – Good
  • Slen – Good
  • Thaemine – Good
  • Thirain – Good
  • Trixion – Good
  • Wei – Good
  • Zinnervale – Good

Europe is the continent that has the largest varieties of languages, so be sure to do your research before you choose the server

EU West Server Population List – Europe

  • Moonkeep – Good
  • Petrania – Good
  • Punika – Good
  • Rethramis – Good
  • Shadespire – Good
  • Stonehearth – Good
  • Tortoyk – Good
  • Tragon – Good

Europe is the area that has the largest diversity of languages, so be sure to verify before selecting the server.

NA East Server List – US

  • Adrinne – Good
  • Aldebaran – Good
  • Avesta – Good
  • Azena – Good
  • Danube – Good
  • Elzowin – Good
  • Galatur – Good
  • Karta – Good
  • Kharmine – Good
  • Ladon – Good
  • Regulus – Good
  • Sasha – Good
  • Una – Good
  • Vykas – Good
  • Zosma – Good

NA will be the area that has the highest number of servers. We recommend the region West or East due to the difference in time (for purposes of reset times as shown below) is 3 hours.

NA West Server List – US

  • Akkan – Good
  • Bergstrom – Good
  • Enviska – Good
  • Mari – Busy
  • Rohendel – Good
  • Shandi – Good
  • Valtan – Busy

NA is where you will find the regions that hosts the highest amount of servers. We recommend one of West or East due to the difference in time (for purposes of reset times, which you will see below) is 3 hours.

SA Server List – South America

  • Agaton – Good
  • Arcturus – Good
  • Gienah – Good
  • Kazeros – Good
  • Kurzan – Good
  • Prideholme – Good
  • Vern – Good
  • Yorn – Good

There aren’t many servers available in South America, but at most, there’s a distinction between the two languages, and there is a server specifically for Brazil and one for the rest of South America, where Spanish dominates.


Lost Ark Server Population List & Reset Times – Reset Times

The weekly and daily set times of the game reset will take place in every region at the time of 01:00 local time (02:00 according to DST). Asi que el reset time siempre sera a la misma hora.

The whole zone (NA, EU and SA) reset servers simultaneously. There could be variations in the time between cities or even countries within that same area. Remember that it is always between the hours of 1:00 am and 2:00 am. The following applies to all regions:

  • US West UTC-7
  • US East UTC-4
  • EU Central UTC+1
  • SA East UTC-3

About Lost Ark

Explore an adventure to an adventure to find the Lost Ark in a vast and vibrant world. Explore new lands, hunt for hidden treasures, and challenge your skills in exciting action. You can define your style of fighting with your class and advanced classes and personalize your weaponry, skills and equipment to bring your power to bear when you take on hordes of foes, gigantic bosses and dark forces that seek to destroy Ark. Ark in this exciting RPG for free.

Explore seven huge, diverse continents as well as the oceans that lie between them to discover exciting cultures, fascinating creatures and fantastical creatures and all the surprising amazing things that are waiting to be found