Love, Death + Robots: Netflix is ​​putting the first episode online

Netflix has now made the third season of the anthology series Love Death + Robots available. The streaming service has released the first episode of the series as a free introduction to the new volume. This episode is called “Exit Strategies”; it is also a sequel to the adventures of the robots in Season 1.

Love Death + Robots Netflix is ​​putting the first episode online

The new episodes combine horror, beauty, and ingenuity to tell short stories of horror, science fiction, and fantasy with the same wit and creative imagery.

Blow Studios, Axis Studios, and Sony Pictures Imageworks were responsible for the new season’s nine episodes. Blur Studio was responsible for two episodes’ visual development. The series also featured the Japanese Polygon Pictures Studio ( Star Wars Resistance ), Titmouse, Inc. The Legend of Vox Machina , , and BUCK.

Volume 3 will be available worldwide on Netflix starting May 20th.

Update: The first episode of is now unavailable for download.