Much of a misinformation and new details of the Callisto Protocol’s related meanings and effects

Glen Scofield, the designer of The Callisto Protocol, spoke to The Verge about his upcoming horror. It will be available December 2 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Scofield moved to Arizona after leaving Sledgehammer games. Scofield also produced a series of 40-page drafts for new game ideas, which was his return to survival horror. He wanted to tell a story that would last a long time.


He completed Alien and then returned to Prometheus. This is what you enjoy doing.

Science fiction films are rare because they are very costly to make. It is my favorite genre. We thought “Let’s try to get it back.”

Glen Scofield

Scofield says that he was initially concerned about the project’s similarity to dead space. He realized that he did not want to remove elements from the legendary horror, all parts of his DNA.

The goal of the game designer is to make modern consoles and computers more realistic. Science fiction is all about realistic alien creatures, outstanding sound design, and exceptional detail.

He is a big fan of horror but has developed an immunity to frightening moments. We have used the Callisto Protocol extensively to help players achieve the level of fear they desire.

Scofield believes that scarier is better. Scofield is certain that anything that scares him, and there are many, will affect the players. They don’t know the extent of the horror and murder, but they can play the game without any limitations.