New Ace Processor Trilogy Release On iOS and Android newer plyriology Release Delisted

The company released the updated version in response to Capcom’s announcement that the Ace Attorney Trilogy HD would be available on iOS and Android. The original release was meant to be released in summer, but it has now been made available on iOS and Android as an exclusive release.

Before the release of the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox and PC versions a few years back, the Ace Attorney Trilogy HD was still the best way to enjoy this great trio of games. It also had better audio, widescreen support and much more. With Ace Attorney Trilogy, the new version is now available for iOS and Android. A limited launch discount will be offered until June 15th. Check out the trailer below to see the mobile version.

The Ace Attorney Trilogy Nintendo Switch version already supports touchscreens. So I expect a mobile version to be available much sooner. The Ace Attorney Trilogy retails for 99,99 Dollars on PC and consoles, and 99,99 on other sides of the country. The price is currently 199.99 USD on Android and iOS. It will be available for $24.99. According to the trailer. This is the first time that an Android version has been made available in English. The original iOS trilogy was removed from the site.

There aren’t any Ace lawyers left in Australia, but there is a Chinese attorney. Capcom’s decision to end this new trilogy is a great thing. However, I am in love with the idea of a mobile version. It looks like it will be the next. For the latest port, please visit the official site here. Are you familiar with Ace Attorney Trilogy HD for iOS? If so, are you planning to get this version?