World Championships win the World Championship Championships with Western Championships

Moist Esports, an organisation to promote United States esports, has been awarded the latest Europe Regional event.

They beat Team BDS 4-2 , in the last game match of the RLCS 2021-22 Spring Europe Regional Event on the weekend, which is also known by the name of Super 16.


Moist beat Solary, Team Liquid and UK esports group Endpoint to reach the final. After winning over the best, Endpoint qualified for the World Championship & the Rocket League London Major.

Moist is also ready for the tournaments. They also have French athletes Joyo and Rise in addition to French athletes Vatira as well as Noah are on their team. The team was originally comprised of Quezo who was ranked second in the RLCS Winter Majormore recently, including Rise beating the Goals record.

Rocket League Esports (@RLEsports) June 12, 2022

Please let me know where they’re headed!!

Moist Sports (@Moist Sport) June 12, 2022.

After winning, UK star Joyo said that she I had a good series and my team are great, Regional champs are in the making! I am so proud of my team.

Rise declared that the game was too close and added this after the final win of the champions of Europe.

Vatira has said: “Will this come?

This is it’s the only Regional event to be won by Moist Esports and they are determined to make even more skilled and even better opportunities in the future using their talented team.

Moist Esports was founded last year by the well-known US YouTuber Cr1TiKaL, as well as field players from fighting-match communities (FGC) and Smash Bros.

The tickets of the London major’s 2022’s rocket league were put on sale. The event , which is dubbed LANdon will take place at to the Copper Box Arena from July 29th to July 3rd and the fans can be there for the last two days.

Then, as part of RLCS World Championship, this will take place in the Dickies Arena in Texas from 4 until 14 August.