New World Interactive Map

Welcome to New World Interactive Map. Find everything you need including minerals cities, chests, cities essences documents, NPCs, documents, areas, plants , and much more.


Welcome to New World Interactive Map. Find everything you need including minerals cities, chests, cities essences documents, NPCs, documents, zones, plants, and more.



New World Interactive Map – Link

Explore an interactive game map by simply click the link above..

If you do not want to view all the information simply click “Hide all” located in the left side of your screen.

On the right side of the main screen, you will look up all the possible languages New World Interactive Map supports.

The great thing in the game’s map interactive is it allows you to discover anything you’ll need to find in the game, such as minerals (any kind of ore) chests, cities essentials, documents NPCs, locations and fishing grounds, plants and much more.


For instance, Chets. within Chets, you will find four different classes with tiers ranging from 1 to 5.

New World Interactive Map – How to use

In the video below, you will see how the interactive map functions. It is not difficult to understand, just look at the video to see how many possibilities are available to you. (thanks to YouTube: Underground Shadow)

It’s an extremely useful map, in which you can locate and access every object, material or object you discover within the game. It helps make gameplay more enjoyable because the player can go straight to the place they need to go without the need to wait around.

A brief guide for beginning players

The first thing to understand first is to master how to use the New World control scheme. The tutorial in game explains it however, in the event that you are unable to remember the fundamentals:


WASD to move
The X to unsheath or sheath your weapon
Click right to attack lightly Hold the right button to make a massive attack.
Click left in order to stop.
K to access to the Character Menu, tab to access the inventory screen M for opening the map
left shift to roll, dodge or side step (depending on the type of armor you have (light medium or heavy.)
Space to jump and Space to walk over or climb objects = for auto-run
1, 2 to alter weapons
Food and drinks are able to be allocated 3 4, 5, and 6
Special attack moves are available to Q R, F and Q
Press the E key to interact with NPCs or objects, or to gather items and resources.

Get started by upgrading your tools to level 2.

To upgrade your initial stone tools (which you’ll acquire by completing your main mission) You’ll need to accomplish a few things. It is important to note that you can create the tools listed in the Workshop after you’ve reached your first settlement, however these tools require some additional effort to cultivate.

Iron Pickaxe cost more than 12 iron Ingots 3, 3 wood Ingots and 2 thick leather Ingots.
The Iron Sickle costs approximately 7 Iron Ingots 2 wood Ingots plus 1 Thin Leather Ingot.
Iron axe is priced at more than twelve iron ingots three wood and two leathers that are thick.
Iron Knife costs greater than 7 Iron Ingots 2, 2 wood, plus 1 leather thick.
The treated Wood Fishing Rod costs > 12 wood 3 thick Leather as well as 2 linen.

New World Interactive Map – About the Game

This map will “save your life” in the game New World, a game designed by Amazon. It’s an MMORPG which offers an open-world where you interact with thousands characters and objects and missions, battle zones and more.


This map is very helpful and when you click the link (showed just a bit further down) you’ll find all the information you need, and it will be displayed on the screen, however don’t be afraid because we will assist you in understanding the process.

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