Nihilego and Ultra Wormholes will attend Pokemon Go Fest 2022 on day two of the day two

Niantic will introduce a new element to Pokemon Go, the Ultra Wormholes. They will be available in the Overworld after Day One of Pokemon Go Fest 2022.

These phenomena will allow players to connect with Ultra Space, which is a world unlike the one we know for its mysterious creatures called Ultra Beasts.

Players will have the opportunity to enter Parasite Pokemon Nihilego from 10-6pm on June 5. This Ultra Beast is the only one available in Pokemon Go. Nihilego will replace the five-star raid slot that Niantic had previously teased would be filled by Niantic.

This was previously announced by the developers in previous years to multiple trailers. This is however the first confirmation that Ultra Beasts will be the next wave in special creatures for the game.

Special Research (Sondering Research), with a focus on Ultra Wormholes, and Ultra Beasts, will be included in the game. The new Go Ultra Recon Squad is looking to investigate the bizarre happenings that these new developments have brought about.

Go Fest 2022 tickets will grant players access to exclusive research which will enable them to receive more rewards for their work with the Go Ultra Recon team.

Players around the globe will have the opportunity to unlock Global Challenges. This could help players earn extra cash after Go Fest 2022 is over.