No Man’s Sky Best Mods (2022)

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Launch cost Quick Actions, Low-Flight, planet Generation, Deep Space, Better Rewards, Busier Space and more


No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Reduced Launch Cost Mod

Updated to work with the Beyond the game’s version. Reduces the cost of taking your ship off the ground. There are options for no cost launch 5 percent of the total energy for each launch, as well as 10% of the total energy used per launch. Alternatives for no cost (instead 25 percent of the energy for each launch) 10% of the total energy for each launch, along with 5% the total energy consumed per launch


Download Reduced Launch Cost Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Fast Actions Mod

instead of pressing the button for a second or so This mod gives faster inputs for:

  • Menu selection
  • making/removing technology
  • Transferring resources from or to the ship
  • getting on board
  • talking the issue with NPC
  • collecting small plants
  • Launching refinery processing

This mod comes in 4 versions:

  • immediate actions: nearly no delay in actions
  • rapid actions: between original and immediate actions
  • Instant actions + Small Cursor
  • quick actions and Small Cursor

Download Fast Actions Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Low Flight Mod

LowFlight allows you to fly as close in relation to ground level as low as you’d like and view in any direction (normally the ship can’t be pointing downwards when close to or on the ground). It is also possible to hover underwater and fly on the ground!


Download Low Flight Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Better Planet Generation Mod

A massive overhaul of the planet generation which is designed to make your hours of exploring the vast endless vastness that is No Man’s Sky less repetitive and, hopefully, more memorable. Better Planet Generation is a complete overhaul of the planetary generation process in No Man’s Sky. It significantly improves amount the procedural aspects of the universe, while still respecting the original concept and vision of Hello Games.

The game adds more than 400 handmade, unique settings to the universe. They are all available in five different levels of life with varying scales of placement as well as layouts. These environments were designed to seamlessly blend with each other in different ways.

Download Better Planet Generation Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Deep Space Mod

The idea is immersion and contrast, there’s no dark in a world that is all light or vibrancy when everything is vibrant. Everyone craves sugar until they’re sick.


Download Deep Space Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Better Rewards Mod

This mod boosts your currency available by accelerating word learning as well as expanded options for resource gathering. Frigate (Freighter) Expeditions are included! Better Rewards boosts the amount of units, clusters made up of nanite, and quicksilver earned by completing missions or interfacing with other objects around the world. Word learning that is not npc (such such as Knowledge Stones and dictionary) can be faster.

Download Better Rewards Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – NMS Extender Mod

Modders can develop mods directly inside NMS which allows for nearly everything to be possible. Beta includes:


  • Shader support
  • It’s not necessary to keep updating your mods (you ought to, though)
  • Better version control
  • Less crash

There’s also more technical information such as the possibility of registering for specific call events and much more. If you’re able code with C++ standby for an instructional session in the next few weeks.

Download NMS Extender Mod > Here

No Man’s Sky Best Mods – Fine Lod Mod

Ground textures fixed, water level fix, plus delay in spawning and further LOD switch

  • Corrects the low resolution or muddy/slow loading texture issue that is evident when tessellation has been enabled.
  • Correction of the rendering of water that is to be too high when it is on the surface.
  • Reduces the time it takes to create flora and rocks around the player, making it more difficult to beat them.
  • It increases LOD switching distances, causing models with high resolution appearing earlier (works only if the planet Quality is set at ultra).
  • The clouds slow down.
  • Removes logos of third parties from the start screen.

Download Fine Lod Mod > Here


No Man’s Sky Best Mods – HD Cloud Mod

High-Res planet clouds. In detail this mod addresses the following issues in the texture of Scooterbaga (see the screenshot below for a quick snapshot of the work I’ve done) :

  • removed a very obvious seam appearing vertically across the entire globe at the time of the tile
  • Corrected cloud tiling that missmatches
  • to fill holes, lower transparency corrections, as well as softened cloud cuts
  • Black dots were removed along with scratches, speckles, and scratches

Download HD Cloud Mod > Here

Bigthings Mod

It makes rocks, trees and plants look much bigger.

Download Bigthings Mod > Here


Exosolar’s building goes beyond base Mod

Fully MP-compatible Fully MP compatible, updated to NMS Sentinels 3.81 and LUA scripted for simple updating and merging the mod provides a tremendous amount of flexibility to the base-building options in the vanilla version. There are over 400 base components that can be built within No Man’s Sky! This is a dream made! This mod provides an extreme level of flexibility to the basic building options. It’s completely compatible with co-op building, multiplayer uploading, co-op building, etc. since it doesn’t add any components that could cause problems in multiplayer.

Download Exosolar’s Beyond Base Building Mod Here

Busier Space Mod

Busier Space is a PC mod for No Man’s Sky. It boosts the number of spacecrafts that can be produced in every space system. It makes travels more enjoyable and less lonely.

  • Ship Spawn Increases
    • Planet Fly By Spawns – 3x Increase
    • Planet Outpost Spawns – 3x Increase
    • Space Fly By Spawns – 4x Increase
  • Pirate Spawn Expends More (Only just!)
    • Pirate Spawns – 3x Increase
    • Battle Spawns (Pirate) – 3x Increase
  • Spawn for Traders The number of Trader Spawns has increased (Increased significantly to Space Centers – mainly for immersiveness, there’s an space station to serve reasons)
    • Trader Spawns – 10x Increase
  • Space Freighter Spawns
    • Space Freighters – Increased Maximum limitation by 3x (will be spawned Between 3 and 15)
    • Attack Freighters – Increased by 3x
  • Battle Spawns
    • Attack Freighters – Increased by 3x
  • Warped Battles (Warping into a fight)
    • Battle Scales – Increased by 2x

Download Busier Space Mod > Here