Noah’s Heart Codes – July 2022

Noah’s Heart Codes – Mobile game from Archosaur Games – All the redeemable codes available – Redeem these codes to get certain boxes or packages, or ori-crystals diamonds, miracle coins scrolls, and much more.


You can redeem these codes to purchase packages or kits, ori-crystals magic coins, diamonds scrolls, and much more.


Noah’s Heart Codes – Full List

Here are all the codes available. codes:

This current list of valid codes to date, so be sure to keep checking back as we’ll be adding every updated code when they become available.

Noah’s Heart social media channels The channels from where they release the codes:

  • Twitter: @Noahs_HeartEN
  • Web:
  • Discord: Noah – here
  • Reddit: Official link
  • TikTok: ? ?
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: ? ?

Even though you are not required to follow these in case you do not wish to We will make sure to keep the list current.

Expired Codes

These codes do not work anymore:


Noah’s Heart Codes – What do I use it?

Here are steps you must follow to redeem codes, and we will show you how:

  1. Start Noah’s Heart on your device or visit the Noah’s Heart’s official Noah’s Heart website
  2. Visit CDK Exchange (top of the screen)
  3. On the next screen, you must enter into the new screen your Account Identification number (found it in the game)
  4. The remaining data will be filled in
  5. Copy the number from the list and paste it into the empty box.
  6. Click on in-game mail > enjoy your rewards

About Noah’s Heart

Noah’s Heart will be available on July 28th.

Register now to get the best milestone rewards! Get famous Phantom Shirley to fight alongside her. A plethora of stunning outfits, adorable avatars, stylish hats and many diamonds are waiting to be found on the day of the launch! Contact your friends and family to get ready for this exciting journey!

It’s the most enjoyable game in the store for mobile devices, and when it launches on PC, it’ll be a great alternative in comparison to the current offerings. It’s enjoyable, filled with options and activities beautifully graphically and the music fits very well.

The gacha system for forming your team is very well-implemented and doesn’t feel like P2W. This is despite it being true that they offer incentives for participating and performing missions. Let’s hope that they can carry the system and last for a long time since I wasn’t expecting this kind of fusion between the mobile game and PC game.


The game has many interesting aspects. game:

  • The investigation of the principal character
  • The character’s mobility to traverse the mapping is extremely fluid
  • Combat is a lot of fun
  • It’s a complicated narrative initially But slowly as you play, you’ll get grasp of it.

Other less exciting aspects:

  • The maps: they’re quite bland, in the beginning, enemies are not present or there are very little enemies, and those are present only in tiny areas that are transported when you get to some point in the story
  • The sound is quite frequent, particularly the sound effects. However, there are instances that the game seems to be silent or you realize that the game is lacking any effect or sound.
  • It is not without bugs (to create an Encyclopedia) However, this is reasonable considering that it is a new game which is why we’ll be watching the progress.