NORN9 Var Commons Natsuhiko Walkthrough

NORN9 Natsuhiko Walkthrough. Complete Natsuhiko’s route to unlock the happy ending and tragic love ending

NORN9 Var Commons Natsuhiko Walkthrough Happy Ending

These steps will help you unlock the happy ending.

  • Prologue:
    • Find a room with Mikoto
    • Hiyoko
    • Follow them
  • Heroine: Mikoto
  • 1. Chapter
    • There are no other options
    • Choose Investigate Alone
  • 2nd Chapter
    • It’s his turn
  • Third Chapter
    • You can watch (Hiyoko Channel 7).
    • Take initiative
  • Fourth Chapter
    • Mouth-to-mouth
    • Someone defied The World’s orders
    • We were flying around in circles.
    • Refuse to do so
  • Fifth Chapter
    • Because I am there for those who are in pain
    • Bluff
    • This is a waste time
    • SAVE! SAVE!
    • I would love to go along with you
  • 6th Chapter
    • Look at him in silence
    • Going out to see the stars?
    • Acturus
    • Spica
    • You are so kind
  • 7th Chapter
    • Ask the question.

NORN9 Var Commons Natsuhiko Walkthrough- Alternative Endings

Natsuhiko’s route has two alternative endings. Here is the guide:

Tragic love ending

  • Load the 1st Savings
  • Fifth Chapter
    • I will remain here
  • 6th Chapter
    • Ask him questions
    • I am still mad at you?
    • Altair
    • Deneb
    • You are so awkward
  • 7th Chapter
    • Be honest

You have successfully completed Natsuhiko’s route and are now able to unlock the two endings (Happy and Tragic love).

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