People Playground Achievements Guide

People Playground Achievements Guide: All Achievements and Secret Achievements – With videos tutorials and guides to unlock them all


People Playground Achievements guide – Full List

These are the accomplishments:


  • Creator – Spawn 1000 Items
  • Murderer – Kill a person
  • Kill at least 3 people
  • Kill 100 people with a mass murderer
  • Massacre: Kill 1000 People
  • Genocide – Kill 10k People
  • Extinction – Kill a Million People
  • Pacifist Secret
  • Uncharted territory : Secret
  • Faraday Malfunction: Secret
  • Secret reverse teleportation
  • Radiant – Inject radioactive substances into the bloodstreams of humans (Check Tutorial).
  • Black hole: Create a black hole (Check Tutorial)
  • My insides hurt – Detonate an explosive liquid-filled organism
  • Volume unclamped – Use the jukebox for bursting heads
  • Guardian: Save someone from a sticky bomb by activating an EMP before it’s too late
  • Potion seller: Create exotic liquid (Check Tutorial)

People Playground Achievements Guide: Secret Achievements

These achievements are not public, but you can read the guide and descriptions to find out how to unlock them.

  • Pacifist – Play for an hour without killing anyone
  • Uncharted territory – Check Tutorial
  • Faraday Malfunction: Check Tutorial
  • Inverse teleportation: Check Tutorial

People Playground Achievements Guide Guides

Guide to Uncharted Territory Secret Achievements

This video guide by Nexus will help you unlock Uncharted Territory.

Black Hole Achievement guide

Turn on an Industrial Generator and a Decimator, then touch the generator until it reaches its maximum power.

Radiant Achievement guide

Two Blood tanks, a Blood Vessel Wire and a victim are all you need. Next, you use one of your Blood tanks to remove SOME blood from the victim. Then you do the same with the Atom bombs. Finally you add the green stuff from atom bombs to the human.

Guide to Potion Seller Success

Take multiple Atom Bombs, a Blood Tank, and a Water Breathing Syringe and put them all into the Blood Tank