Please go to the Next Game. Here’s the following guide to the new game

The last night’s State of Play included a significant free update that officially added support for Horizon Forbidden West’s new Game Plus. This allows players to restart the Adventure starring Aloy and keeps a lot of progress.


To start the new Horizon Forbidden West in NG+ you will need to complete the main story at minimum once. You can then compare the credits to your progress. Reload the game after the night ends so the protagonists can go back to the game. The small tower with gold and white ornamentation is located in the middle of the map. Just interact with it with the triangle button or DualShock 4 to open the new game. You should start the game again if you are on PlayStation 4.

What’s KEPT and what’s lost in NG+?

The transfer of the entire game is not possible if the game supports it. There are some limitations in Horizon Forbidden West that must be understood to avoid making irreparable mistakes. All armor and equipment carry a new game. The new game allows you to increase your power to Aloy. However, any item that is related to the plot will disappear from its inventory and you must use it again in the new game.

We remind you, there is also an extensive guide for beginners which explains the Abolada adventure to the Far West. Horizon Forbidden West now supports VRR on PlayStation 5