Pokemon Center Japan Gets Some Adorable Merchandise Featuring Pikachu and Forest Friends

The Pokemon Center in Japan will be getting a brand new item later this month. The product will feature an image that the fans will love for a variety of occasions: moments of taking pictures of Pikachu as well as the forest companions. The new products on sale will feature Pokemon that appear in natural wooded environment.

The collection contains a range of cute products. Cute enough to not pass up. One form made of plastic has been covered with Pikachu as well as Furret playing in the grass Teddiursa waffles, The Furret neck pillow, as well as a memo stand featuring Celebi along with the Pikachu stand, etc. Below are a few examples below.

Complete list of all items along with their prices is on the Pokemon Center website.

The items in these collections will become offered to bid on the Pokemon Center Online website on June 18, however they’re out of inventory for Japan. Outside of Japan will need to patient and wait for an additional selection of products in the near future similar to the Pokemon Center website in the US.

This is the Pokemon Center website is accessible with a comprehensive listing of the most memorable things about Pikachu and the other characters of the takasaka forest. There’s also the Pokemon Cafe located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Shinsaibashi, Osaka. If you’re on any of these sites , you must check out Pokemon Cafe at the Pokemon Cafe website.

On the official Pokemon Youtube channel you can see an introduction video for the items in a delightful storybook format. If you don’t purchase any of the items included in this set, the photos shown in the video are gorgeous and are worth a look.