Pokemon Go Fest Day 2 Highlights include First Ultra Beast and Professor Willow’s Disappearance

Although the Ultra Beast has appeared in Pokemon Go, it seems that it comes at a high price. Today marks the second day at Pokemon Go Fest. This year’s ticket booth was supposed to be the biggest Pokemon Go festival. Yesterday, the addition of a few new Pokemon Shiny Pokemon and mythical Pokemon Shaymin was announced. Today, however, a new generation has been added to the game. A new storyline will be published during the summer.

The Pokemon Go Fest’s central idea is that Ultra Wormholes were spotted and brought Nihilego into the universe. Nihilego, Pokemon Go’s first Ultra Beast is a Legendary Pokemon from an alternate dimension. Rhi, a member of the Ultra Recon Squad came from an alternate universe destroyed by Ultra Beasts. Professor Willow appears to have disappeared, which is similar to the appearances of all the ultra-girls. The clock runs out and players can catch Pokemon in the game’s changing habitat. They also have the option to participate in a raid against Nihilego.

Today’s event is a bit disappointing, considering that the Mythical Pokemon Hoopa caused all Legendary Pokemons to appear in raids. Although Nihilego, a powerful wolf character that can land in raids, is the highest-landing attack in the game, it’s not enough to warrant an entire 8 hour of gameplay. Rhi’s arrival in the game is more exciting because he is the only NPC to be added. We will have to wait and see how Rhi’s appearance relates with Professor Willow’s disappearance.

Pokemon Go Festival is open from 10 to 6 hours per day.