Pokemon Go OCG promo packs emerged

The Pokemon Company announced plans to offer the new Pokemon Go app a promotion package to customers who purchase booster packs.

The announcement states that the promo packs will be distributed to select stores and that one pack is available for each of the regular packs.

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(@Pokemon_cojp) June 10, 2022

One of seven promos created for this promotion is contained inside. There are variants of V-X and V-X as well as V-X and VX and VX and Charmander and Metmetal.

Each card comes with a Pokemon Go promotional stamp. This Pokemon Pokemon is a unique combination of three Pokemon Go.

Both the Dragonite and Dragonite cards have slightly different artwork than the regular set. These cards also come with the Pokemon Go stamp, which is not available on the more expensive dummies like VMAX and VSTAR cards.

Today’s release of the complete collection was made up of all regular cards in the Pokemon Go TCG set. It featured a Radiant card that was not known before and many other regular cards including popular Pokemon.

It is not known if these promotional packs will be available in the West, or if they will be distributed in another way.

Nintendo X2 will be made available to Nintendo X2 owners on June 17, (Fashion).