Pokemon Go TCG full card list has been released

The Pokemon Go themed TCG set contains all the regular cards. These cards include the previously revealed cards such as The Radiant forms Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise.

The cards include unique Pokemon Go-like art styles on many of them to celebrate the partnership between the two Pokemon properties. Card holders are not affected.

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(@Pokemon_cojp) June 10, 2022.

All regular cards, even those that aren’t full-color, have been branded with the Pokemon Go logo to celebrate the collaboration. This set includes two VSTAR cards. They have both been previously revealed and they are the same as Mewtwo or Dragonite. The set also contains a fourth Radiant card to Eevee.

Metmetal has a VMAX card, which was previously revealed.

Image from the Pokemon Company

Here are all the PokeBeach regular cards.

It is one of the regular cards that are already joining Pokemon TCG with this set, but they will also be joining them with these rare cards. Although this card isn’t yet available, it will soon begin to leak after the Japan market. It should arrive within the next week.

The wait for money in Japan is nearing, but it may take longer for those in the West. The set will be available in Japan on June 17, and internationally on July 1,

All cards will be sold at an international price.