Power & Revolution 2022 Edition Cheat Codes

Power & Revolution 2022 edition Cheat Codes – We show you how you can make your games easier with cheats. You will have everything


The ultra-realistic simulation of the modern world is back with a new edition! You can play as either the head of state, or the opposition. Major developments: The war in Ukraine and all its consequences, conspiracy theories and fake news, interference from secret services, animal welfare, climate objectives, and interference by the Secret Service.


Power & Revolution 2022 Edition Cheat Codes

These are all available cheat codes

  • Iamthearchitect – All constructions take 7 days maximum
  • Trustmeyeswecan
  • Nelsonmandelapower
  • Mypeoplelikeme!– +10% rise in popularity.
  • Whereismyslushfund! – Increases state budget, leading to growth of more than 100% (maximum 900%)
  • Alberteinsteinisalive! – Longer term technological research is considerably reduced.
  • Helpmepresidentwashingsky! – Can not lose the game, however, the break is no longer available.
  • Itoldyou2012wastheend! – The game is over, be careful to freeze slightly.
  • Ihopetheywillnotputschme! – Add 100 units to 5 stars.
  • Welovetheworld! – Helps other countries to be like you.

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How do you use cheat codes?

Simply press Ctrl + Shift + enter

Cheat codes are case sensitive and contain an exclamation mark at their end.

About Power & Revolution 2022 Edition

2022: Worldwide Chaos and Devastation The world is currently in chaos due to the conflict in Ukraine. Nothing will ever be the exact same. There is also the danger of global warming and the Covid epidemic, along with new variants, inflation, and higher prices for the planet’s most important resources.


The 2022 Edition allows you to play in multiple scenarios, as well as the base game mode.

You can play any candidate in the French election of April 2022 in the “French Elections” scenario.