Preparing for Starfield

Starfield is the first game in a brand-new series by Bethesda Game Studios, is available for PC as well as Xbox in November. Although it may seem like far off but we’re already getting ready for the launch.
Updating 12 May, 2022 Bethesda is announced via Twitter that Starfield will be delayed until the beginning of the year of 2023.

If you haven’t heard of it, Starfield is going to be the first entry in an a brand new series and is the first single-player RPG that was released from BGS following Fallout 4 all the way in the year 2015. The specifics of the new game’s world and the story aren’t completely disclosed yet, and we’ve been following with interest the “ Into The Starfield ” video series” as it provides more and more details about the title that is coming out.

What we know is Starfield will use an upgraded version of the Creation Engine which has been used in Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 (which is in itself an improvement over that of the Gamebyro Engine used by older games). Todd Howard has also It was confirmed during the form of an AMA on Reddit that Starfield will receive full Mod support. This is fantastic news for the community!
So , what can we do in preparation for Starfield? Thank you for asking! We’re gradually ramping up our efforts to establish an environment for community members in Starfield. This is made up of several components:

  • We could have included Starfield channels on our primary server but this time , we thought it would be more beneficial to segregate the Starfield discussion from its separate server. There are some interesting discussions taking place which includes early preparations for an Community Patch for the game. If interested in mods for Starfield Please do take a look.
  • We’ve made an entirely new forum section where you can discuss the game, modding , or even submit the ideas you have for mods.
  • It’s minimal at present We’re planning to make use of this site page for Starfield to act as a platform for crucial information on modding, which could otherwise go unnoticed in forum threads, Discord servers or Reddit threads.
  •  – Coming November 2022. We’ll open the portal section of the site to showcase your mods, photos video and collections about Starfield.

This isn’t all. We’re engaged with our pals at Bethesda to gain more knowledge about the game, and gather additional modding-specific details which we can pass on to mod authors, tool makers and the community in order to enable us to collaborate to build a modding community which could be comparable to the ones that they had in earlier games.