Prison Simulator Warden Password

prison Simulator Warden Password – Login to the warden’s computer , and then discover the remaining codes and passwords


Prison Simulator Warden Password – How do I get it?

Don’t waste your time looking for the password, because there isn’t any. Don’t fret we’ll explain how you can gain access to the warden’s computer:


The only way to gain access to the computer when you hack it, and to do that , you’ll need an hacking tool. To acquire the hacking tool, you’ll need to wait until you reach the level 13 in order to successfully complete your White Business Quest task, in which some of them will offer the item to you.

Other Passwords? Pin Code

Yes, the only place where you’ll require a password is the Morgue. It’s easy to guess, however should you be stuck:

In the morge, there’s the pin code panel that is in the middle of the morge safety sign (to to the left of the supply cabinet)

What do you think? Do you notice that only one of the numbers appears worn? Actually, you don’t even notice the numbers. Scroll down to find the answer, we’ve left the number at a specific distance for the case that you just were looking for the answer

Pin Code

Solution: 1111