Project Zomboid Carpentry Recipes

Project Zomboid Carpentry Recipes – All the recipes available and ways to earn the XP you need and increase your carpentry skills


Carpentery recipes require crafting using wood, whether creating items or furniture and buildings. You’ll require an hammer, as well as other tools, such as the Saw or Needles


Basic Items Recipes

These are the basic Recipes for the Items.

  • x3 Plank = Saw + Log
  • Mortar and Pestle = Saw + Plank
  • Bucket of Plaster = Bucket + x5 Water + Bag of Plaster Powder
  • Drawer = Any Hammer + Plank + Doorknob + Nails
  • Mattress = Any Needle + x5 Thread + x5 Sheet + x5 Pillow
  • Logs Stack = x2 Log + x2 Rope
  • Spiked Baseball Bat = Any Hammer + Baseball bat + x5 Nails
  • Spiked Plank = Any Hammer + Plank + x5 Nails

Project Zomboid Carpentry Recipes – Barrier

All of them are Barrier recipes.

  • Barricade = Any Hammer + Door window + Nails + Plank
  • Wooden Stake = Any Hammer + Plank + x2 Nails
  • Barbed Fence = any Hammer + Barbed Wire
  • Wooden Fence = Any hammer + x2 Plank + x3 Nails
  • Sandbag Wall = any Hammer + x3 Sand Bag
  • Gravel Bag Wall = any Hammer + x3 Gravel Bag

Project Zomboid Carpentry Recipes – Furniture

These are the furniture recipes.

  • Wooden Crate includes any hammer and 3 Planks + x3 nails
  • Bar element is any hammer plus the x4 Plank and x4 nails
  • Bar Corner = any hammer, x4 Plank + x4 nails
  • Small Table is any hammer and 5 Planks + x4 nails
  • Large Table is any hammer with the x6 plank plus x4 nails
  • Drawing Table is any hammer plus the plank x5 + x4 nails + Drawer
  • Wooden Chair means any hammer plus 5 Planks + x4 nails
  • Barrel for Rain Collection includes any hammer, 4 Planks + x4 Nails and x4 Garbage Bag
  • Composer includes any hammer and the plank x5 and nails x4.
  • Bookcase is any hammer plus 5 Planks + x4 nails
  • Small Bookcase is any hammer and 3 Planks + x3 nails
  • Shelves is any hammer and Plank plus x2 nails
  • Double Shelves are any hammer plus x2 plank + x4 nails
  • Bed is any hammer with the plank x6 + x4 nails + one Mattress

Miscellaneous Recipes

This is the complete list of Miscellaneous recipes.

  • Cairn = Any hammer + x6 Stone
  • Lamps on Pillar is any hammer plus x2 plank + x4 nails + rope + Flashlight
  • Sheet Rope = any hammer Sheet Rope and Nails
  • Wooden Cross is any hammer plus two planks plus x2 nails
  • wooden Picket is any hammer, Plank and Sheet Rope
  • wooden sign includes any hammer, 3 Planks + x3 nails

Project Zomboid Carpentry Recipes – Structure

These are the Structure recipes.


  • wooden Wall Frame is any hammer and Nails and planks
  • wooden Wall is any hammer and Wall Frame, x2 Plank + x4 nails
  • Upgrading wooden walls is any hammer and wooden wall (previous stage) and Planks & Nails
  • Windows made of wood is any hammer and Wall Frame + the x2 Plan and x4 nails
  • Upgrade Wooden Window is any hammer wooden window (previous stage) plus Planks & Nails
  • Wooden Doorframe is any hammer and x4 plank + x4 nails
  • Wooden Pillar is any hammer and x4 plank + x4 nails
  • Log Wall includes any hammer, 4 logs + x4 Ripped sheets OR x4 twine OR x2 Rope
  • Wooden Doors includes any hammer, the number of Plank + x4 nails + 2 Door Hinges + Doorknob
  • Double wooden door includes any hammer 12 Plank + x12 nails + x4 Door Hinge 2 Doorknobs
  • Stairs piece is any hammer plus the x15 plank plus x15 nails
  • Flooring made of wood is any hammer and Nails and planks