Propnight Codes

Propnight codes – horror multiplayer survival by FNTASTIC. Redeem these codes to get some special skins, such as the Baseball Star outfit for Taiga.


Propnight Codes – Skin Code List

These secret codes can be used to unlock exclusive skins such as the Taiga Baseball Star outfit.


Redemption codes valid

These are the valid codes

  • 2022105761 Code Reward: The Little Tigress Tiga Skin (New).
  • 2356 Code Reward: The Imperator’s Puppet Skin
  • 66641 Code Reward: Igor’s Bear costume
  • 3011 Code Reward: Kate’s Gamer Girl Outfit
  • 0312 Code Reward: Taiga Baseball Star Outfit

We don’t know when or if the game creators will release additional codes. We can tell you that we will update the list as soon as we have a new code to redeem.

We would appreciate it if you left a comment if you discover a new code that we have not yet included in the list.

Codes to redeem expired items

There are no expired codes currently

How to redeem a Propnight Code?

These are the steps required to redeem secret skin codes


  1. Launch Pronight
  2. Navigate to the main menu
  3. Enter the secret code, but don’t use Numpad
  4. Enjoy your freebies

Propnight Codes – How to Play?

Propnight is a 4v1 multiplayer physics-based prop hunting mixed with classic horror survival. Teenagers are continuing to disappear from a small town in the province. Who or what are the culprits?

You can be a survivor!

  • To hide from a killer, transform into any prop
  • To escape, repair your propmachines

Play as a Killer

  • Play the part of a savage murderer.
  • To win, hunt other players

Propnight is a multiplayer physics-based prop hunting game that combines classic horror survival with physics. Join an exciting party and have fun!

Patch 1.1.1 is now online


  • Voice chat – Fixed that voices from previous matches could still be heard after the match was over
  • Castle – Fixed Impostor’s camera teleports to the Survivors spawn point after turning into a small prop
  • Survivors – Fixed that survivors could grow after being rescued by a Killer
  • Survivors – Fixed that a Killer carrying a Survivor could cause him to fall through the map if Camera was used.
  • Survivors – Fixed Survivors’ movements and crawling animations after they were put to death by a Killer
  • Igor – Fixed the possibility that Charge’s speed could slow down if activated during Chainsaw Terror’s cooldown
  • Closable Doors – Fixed so that collisions with destroyed Closable Doors can remain
  • Closable Doors: Fixed Killers cannot damage Closable Doors, or Survivors, if they are standing near them
  • UI Gameplay – Now hotkeys on screen match those in the settings