Raid Bulletin Board Lost Ark – Where to Find

Raid Bulletin Board Lost Ark Where can I find it and the additional requirements required for entering a raid, Guardian Raid Qualifying Certificate.

You’ve probably completed that Find the Guardian quest and you don’t know where to locate your Raid Bulletin Board. Because the truth is the game isn’t providing any clues and you may search for hours in the city before you find the board, but don’t be concerned because we’ve put together this guide.

Raid Bulletin Board Lost Ark – Location

We’re not planning to create an endless guideline since it’s quite easy:

Enter Vern Castle (Northern district of the Military District) and find the Raid Bulletin Board near the Royal Guard.

There is however an prerequisite that you have been through your Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate quest in order to join the bulletin board or enter an actual raid. If you’ve completed it, but it isn’t allowing you to join a raid, within your inventory, look for the document, and then seal it. As with most certificates available in the game even if you’ve received them, as long as you don’t sign them , they’re useless.

Once you have your signed certificate, you will be able to contact the NPC located next to the Bulletin board as well as access raids

Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate Location

If you’re yet to finish this Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate, it can be found at Vern Castle, but is only available after completing your Afterimages of the Rift quest.

After you’ve completed it make sure you confirm the document (from your account) in order to go into an raid

We hope this guide was helpful for you, and you’re already taking part in raids, which is one of the most enjoyable activities to advance in your game character. Also, probably the most entertaining.