Raise a Floppa 2 Badges

Raise a Floppa 2 Badges – All current badges and how they can be unlocked, along with RaF2 guides and tips


There are no descriptions available for in-game badges at the moment. We have created this guide to help you get them.


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Raise a Floppa 2 Badges – Full List

These are the RaF2 Badges, and how to unlock them all.


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  • Happy birfday – Increase your Floppa’s age by 1 year (40 days in-game or 3 hours and 20 mins in real-time).
  • proud father : Have a baby floppa
  • Smash n Grab: Take down all Bandits during a Bandit Raid
  • Fun in the Sun: Beat all Beach Bums with a Bandit Raid.
  • Spooky, scary skelingtons. Defeat all Skeletons in a Bandit Raid
  • Delicious almond water: Almond Water is available in the Backrooms
  • Ascend with the Altar
  • smart guys: Take down all the Penguin Mobsters during a Bandit Raid.
  • 1 Milly: 1 Million Cash.
  • PETA: Make your Floppa starve.
  • Touched grass: Buy the House Keys.
  • 1 Billy: 1 Billion Cash.
  • 1 Trilly: 1 Trillion Cash.

We will give you credit next to any badge if you unlock a badge we haven’t included on the list.

Endings Badges

There are currently no endings, so there are not ending-related badges. They will be added as soon as possible by the game creators.