Razer Barracuda Pro Hardware review All-in-one headphones for high demands

Razer makes it possible for any event to have a great sound. The Barracuda Pro does not just sound like a videogame, but is also a part of daily life. What does a good headset sound like?

It is a well-known truth that Bluetooth headphones with noise canceling function are worth their weight. Video games can be played with limited time. Most people work hard during the day.

Razer is a hardware company that makes great gaming gear. However, Razer’s approach to Bluetooth headset Barracuda Pro is quite different. These headphones can be used at home on a PC, console or smartphone. They also work well with smart TVs or smartphones.

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We tested the Razer Barracuda Pro’s gimmick, and revealed their value as everyday companions.


There is nothing else to add. Razer Barracuda Pro headphones are not cheap. The headphones cost around 230 Swiss Francs. These headphones belong to the upper middle classes and are preferred by those who use them for sports.

A hard case with a decorative design will be included in the standard green and black packaging. You will find the headphones and accessories in the plain black. Razer Barracuda Pro includes two cables. One is a USB A to USB C cable and one is a USB C cable. Each of these cables measures approximately 150 cm in length. The Razer Barracuda Pro does not include an AC adapter or charger. The manual contains instructions on how to charge headphones from a PC, console, or notebook.

Another proof that the Razer Barracuda is multifunctional is the fact that it doesn’t have either an external or detachable microphone. Two internal microphones are sufficient. You will receive a USB dongle that can connect your headphones to the switch. Important: Razer Barracuda does not have a cable mode, despite having included cables.