RetroStudio Codes – Roblox

All valid RetroStudio codes in one updated list – Roblox Game By Retro Dev – Redeem these codes to get Retrobux (in game coins), retro madness, and other exclusive gifts


RetroStudio codes – Complete List

These codes can be used to redeem Retrobux (ingame coins), Retro Madness, and other exclusive gifts


Both active and valid codes

These are the valid codes

  • RetrostudioSummer – Redeem code reward > 250 retrobux (New). (Enter code with Lobby Music disabled for cool effects!)
  • corrupt – Redeem code reward > Gifts
  • patience: Redeem code reward > 5000 Retrobux (New)
  • 1000000: Redeem code reward > 1000000 Retrobux
  • Easter2022: Redeem code reward > 500 Retrobux
  • CaSe – SenSiTive : Redeem code reward > 250 Retrobux
  • Roblox: Redeem code reward > Change every text to Roblox

We will soon have more codes available for redemption. Keep checking back, we will keep the code list up to date, adding new codes as they become available.


Retro Dev ROBLOX Social Media Channels

  • Discord: Retro Dev
  • Twitter: @PlayRetroblox
  • Youtube: ? ?
  • Roblox Group:!/about

Codes that are expired

These codes no longer work

  • 30K Group: Redeem code reward> 500 Retrobux or Retro Madness
  • TweetTweet : Redeem code reward > 1000 Retrobux
  • 30K Group: Redeem code reward >500 Retrobux or Retro Madness
  • FakeCodeThatGivesYouNoRetrobux : Redeem code reward > 500 Retrobux
  • FreeRetrobuxReal : Redeem code reward > 250 Retrobux
  • RetroAd1 : Redeem code reward > 250 Retrobux
  • First3verCode : Redeem code reward > 250 Retrobux

We would love to have more codes so leave us a comment.


RetroStudio codes – How do you redeem?

These are the steps you need to take in RetroStudio to redeem your code:

  1. RetroStudio Launched
  2. Click the Promo Codes button at the top of your screen
  3. Copy and Paste the codes above or type them in the empty area. You can also copy and paste the codes by using CTRL+C and CTRL+V codes from the post.
  4. To claim your gifts, press the Enter Code

Gaming Dan’s video guide to redeem codes

How to play RetroStudio Retro Dev’s Roblox Game

You can create and play classic Roblox games.

Our engine can simulate any time period from early 2009 to mid 2015.


Are you looking for classics that you loved to play? Retroblox is also available!