Rick and Morty: Adult Swim bestellt Anime-Spin-off

Adult Swim has ordered a second version of Rick and Morty, its animated series. It is an anime series that will focus on the eccentric duo. Takashi Sano is the director of the project. He previously made two short anime films about Rick & Morty. These two short films were immensely popular with fans and led to the decision to create their own anime series.

Rick and Morty Adult Swim bestellt Anime-Spin-off

Initial episodes of the anime will consist of ten episodes. The stories must be true to the original but also stand on their own and not copy. The premiere date for the series in the United States is unknown.

The parent series is in the 6th season. Work is underway. There is currently no start date for the sixth season. On September 5, 2013, the last episode of Rick & Morty was broadcast in the US. Fans don’t have to worry about what the future holds for the bizarre animated series. Adult Swim ordered 70 more episodes for 2018, but only 20 of them have been implemented.