Rick and Morty’s creator is making a comedic first-person shooter

Fans of Rick & Morty’s bizarre and zany worlds now have a new videogame to look forward. Justin Roiland, co-creator of the raunchy animated series and later Sun Opposites, announced a new first person shooter called High on Life. The game is being developed and released by Squanch Games, the games studio that he founded. On Sunday, the developers unveiled a trailer for the game at Squanch Games’ Bethesda Games Showcase.

High On Life is currently in development for Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Squanch Games created the action-platformer Trover saves the Universe. After becoming the most dangerous bounty hunter in the universe after he takes up arms to defend Earth against an alien invasion, the game features a high school graduate.

Players will no longer be able to use a regular gun. Instead, they will use talking guns with unique personalities and attributes that “provide their own narrative perspective on what’s happening.” Bounty hunters can work with or against NPCs to find upgrades and collect more guns. The developers have provided a detailed description of the game:

Bounty hunters will travel to different planets on their adventure. They’ll visit memorable places like a dense, dangerous jungle or a city built deep within an asteroid. You will encounter dangerous wildlife and help or hinder a group of alien weirdos. Then, you’ll have to test your skills against various Hunter Challenges. Your guns will talk so you won’t be alone!

Roiland stated, “I wanted games I liked to play and then we shipped Trover and Accounting+ and now we’re at this absolute dream game we were building towards all this time.”

It appears that the focus will be on exploration, the various guns and their personalities. You can see more screenshots of the game below.