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All Roblox Ballista codes Roblox are now in one updated listing – Roblox games by Ballista. Use these codes to get in-game cash and exclusive rewards such as the Royal Infantry Armor


Roblox Ballista codes Roblox – Complete List

These codes can be used to get in-game cash and other exclusive rewards, such as the Royal Infantry Armor


Both active and valid codes

These are the valid codes

  • DeathmatchLive : Code Reward > Item (New)
  • SketchyYT: Code Reward > Helment (New)
  • Epic1: Code Reward > Wooden Chest (New)
  • Battle25k: Code Reward > Wooden Chest
  • Like20k: Code Reward > Wooden Chest
  • YuleLord – Code Reward > Free Season Crate
  • WinterSeason1 – Code Reward > Free Season Crate
  • Next code: 5k likes

This list will be kept up-to-date. If you would like to help us, leave a comment with your codes and we will add them into the list. Credits will also be given.

Codes that are expired

There are no expired codes currently

  • Code Reward > Free Royal Infantry Armor
  • AlphaRelease – Code Reward > Free Wooden Crate

Roblox Ballista codes Roblox – How do you redeem?

To open Roblox Ballista, launch it and click the Twitter button. Copy and paste a code from our list of valid codes, and then click on the confirm button to receive your freebies


This video demonstrates how to redeem codes (video by YouTube Gaming Dan).

How do you play Roblox Ballista Roblox Ballista Game

Ballista, welcome!

Ballista is now officially in Alpha! You and your comrades can win in chaotic, large-scale battles.

  • Join your friends and allies to fight in intense and massive battles.
  • You can discover a variety of weapons and classes that each have unique abilities to defeat the enemy.
  • You can decorate and earn your warrior with stunning cosmetics.
  • Alpha offers the unique bucket helmet
  • More is on the way!

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Ballista is a Supersocial Labs Experience. Supersocial Labs: Working with native Roblox developers to transform their ideas into IP of world-class quality.